Alimak's industrial grade warehouse lifts are adaptable to varying transport requirements and locations. Alimak's industrial lifts provide ease of access and transportation for both personnel and goods in warehouses around the world.

Thanks to its self-supporting, innovative design Alimak's warehouse lifts require no shaft, therefore reducing the cost and footprint, allowing the lift to be placed where it provides the greatest benefit.

The drive machinery is located on the lift car which also means that no costly and bulky machine room is required.

When installing the lift inside an existing building, the low headroom between the top landing and the roof is a great advantage. Alimak's warehouse lifts are also suitable for installation outdoors to access the warehouse from the outside.

Accurate floor levelling at the landing is a prerequisite for the smooth handling of materials and passenger transport. An Alimak industrial lifts levels to within ±5 mm every time, irrespective of the load or lifting height.

The lifts are easily retrofitted to existing structures which means there is minimal civil and electrical works required. This benefit combined with larger platform sizes make it the ideal solution for existing warehouses.

Alimak is one of the few providers who offer permanent material hoists which meet EN81-31 regulations, an economical and competitive solution when only materials and goods transportation is required.

Key benefits

  • Remove the need for manual carrying
  • Reduce accidents and incidents
  • Improve safety and manual handling
  • Improve operations
  • Save time and reduce costs
  • Improve manual handling
  • Reduce forklift operations
  • Suitable for internal and external installation
  • Increase lifting efficiency
  • Move large volume & capacity goods

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